Bizerba GLP

Thermal Printer TYPE GLP80 type2

  • the device used, in 2008, overhauled, very good condition
  • stainless steel housing
  • New thermal strip: 80mm
  • Resolution 8 dot
  • Print speed of 150mm / sec
  • 2MB memory
  • IP20-type printer, IP-67 terminal,
  • RS 232, RS-485, Ethernet
  • Printer Drivers Windows XP, 2000, NT
  • GT240 operator terminal that allows easy entry and selection of goods to be weighed, weighed,
  • Frame mounting the terminal to the printer case
  • The ability to print on the label data such as: weight, price, batch number, character veterinary client’s logo, barcode, etc.
  • Mode of operation as a printer 1 and the sum of the sum of 2: yes (in combination with other devices Gx)
  •   Licenses: glp_price_label, online scanner gx